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My Clients Say It Better Than I Ever Could....

"He was extremely helpful in bringing me up to speed on the industry. Rich always communicated effectively and promptly throughout the process..."



"Rich was unbelievably responsive to our questions, comments and thoughts throughout the whole long process....He is just the best, and about as honest and stand-up a guy as they come."



"Thanks so much for all your hard work, negotiating and patience in helping us close...we are very grateful"

-Neil and Necia


'My client says you are doing a great job'

-Agent for Professional Football Player

"Rich Vargo was excellent...he is very trust worthy and took our calls, texts and emails during all hours of the night..."


"I was particularly impressed by Rich's efforts to obtain an estimate and negotiate an escrow agreement....thanks to his efforts, we were able to close on time..."


"You are very good at what you do"

-Buyer Professional Football Player

"Rich made this very easy for us. He is detailed and knowledgeable...he represents what a true professional should be..."



"You've been a great agent, hopefully we can do more business in the future"


"Rich is the best son ever...way better than my other kids..."

-Rich's mom.... (ok maybe I coached her a little on this)


My approach to Real Estate is simplistic in that it is about knowledge and preparation.  It follows these basic principles;


1.  Discuss all aspects of the sale/purchase process.   This includes the home search, market factors, financing options, costs, negotiations and any other concern that you, the client, may have.  Rest assured, if I do not have the information you need, I will get it.

2.  Prepare all my clients for the "emotional" side of real estate.  This often get's over looked and client's are not ready for the emotion and separation of selling their home or how quickly you can become attached to a home you are attempting to buy.  My clients will be ready for this and thus, more prepared for the negotiations and inspections that are coming on their real estate journey.

3.  Make sure the client knows that they are "THE CAPTAIN" of the ship.  My responsibilities certainly include offering advice and ensuring that clients get professional service and all necessary information.  However, I never lose site of who is in charge and that it is YOUR home and YOUR finances.

4.  Time with the client upfront.  Many clients want to get right into the home buying experience by immediately looking at a home.  There is no problem with this approach but you do want to temper the excitement of the search with making sure you are prepared.  A little time together in your home or in the office will make the time looking at actual homes much more efficient and ensure proper use of YOUR valuable time.

5.  Navigate the owner/seller process.  The selling or buying of a home is not something that is "routine" for most clients.  I take a team approach to make sure all team members; client, myself, lenders, appraisers, insurance agents, etc realize that we are all working together to make your home goals work.  I will be with you from the search process, through the negotiations and inspections, the closing and after the closing as well.


Areas of Expertise


Why am I a great choice to be part of your team?  One word, experience!

1.  Mortgage Loan Officer - Prior to becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent, I spent about 6 years as a mortgage loan officer.  Many agents struggle with the intricate aspects of a mortgage.  There are many details involved in finding the right home and almost as many in finding the right mortgage.  While I am no longer a loan officer, I can offer advice that will help make sure the home is right for your family AND your budget.

2.  Sales Background - I have been in sales since 1994 and understand the sales process.  I assure you there is a process and "The Art of the Sale" is vital to a successful real estate experience.  It is far more involved that writing a number down and hoping the other party accepts it.  My sales experience helps me ensure that we look at and understand all aspects of the negotiation including the psychological, emotional and financial components.

3.  Home Investor - The generic term used for this is "flipping".  I do invest in homes, renew them and the sell them.  This reminds me what it is like to look at a home through a "buyers" or "sellers" eyes because I am doing just that on almost a daily basis.  How does this benefit you?  When we look at a home, I will be looking at it from your perspective because that is what I do when searching for my next project.  I am also involved in the remodeling of the homes as project manager.  While I am NOT A CONTRACTOR and do very little work myself, I can offer advice on changes you would like to make to any home you are looking at.

While I am always willing to offer my thoughts and do my very best to answer your questions, I emphasize that before making any final decisions on your loan, home remodeling or any other aspect of your real estate transaction, you consult a professional who specializes in the area of your concern.

Featured picture for the property 1246700
5233 Natrona Way
4 beds/1 baths
Listing courtesy of HOWARD HANNA SHADYSIDE OFFICE WestPenn
Featured picture for the property 1246688
5600 Munhall Road
2 beds/2 baths
Listing courtesy of COLDWELL BANKER REAL ESTATE WestPenn
Featured picture for the property 1246697
224 E 16th Street (Rear)
2 beds/1 baths
Listing courtesy of KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY WestPenn

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